On the Hunt for the Best Boots for Snowboard Enthusiasts?

Odyssey has a brilliant collection of footwear available for Arctic conditions, including Etnies and Apres ski boots from Sorel and Olang.

When looking for boots worn in snow, the materials matter a great deal. Your footwear needs to be waterproof and durable, and insulation is also absolutely essential, which is why many snow boots are lined with fur, wool or sheepskin. Synthetic materials like Thinsulate are also popular. 

Rubber soles are brilliant for blocking out moisture, while the upper material should be strong and reliable. 

Snow boots often have a good level of height to them. That’s because taller footwear is much better for traipsing through snow. They also help to keep your calves warm. Traction is also an important factor. The soles should be designed so that they have bumps and crevices, which help to grip to ice or wet snow.

Top brands of snow boots for ladies and men

Odyssey has everything from trainers and sports boots to snow boots, including ladies’ footwear from Olang and Sorel. 

Our women’s collection includes these Olang Opera Ice Tex which are ideal if you love classic designs. Featuring a wool lining, it has the Olantex membrane as well as an anti-slip Bidensity snow sole.

Based in West Suffolk, we’re available to deliver throughout the UK.

If you’re looking for top brands of snow boots, explore our latest collection today. Or drop us a line for more information.